Aims & Scope

Aims and Scope - Journal of Manuscript Studies

Welcome to the Journal of Manuscript Studies, a multidisciplinary platform dedicated to advancing scholarly exploration and understanding within the captivating realm of manuscripts. Our journal is committed to fostering academic excellence and providing a dynamic space for researchers and scholars from diverse disciplines. Here's an overview of our aims and scope:


1. Multidisciplinary Exploration: The Journal of Manuscript Studies aims to facilitate a multidisciplinary approach, inviting contributions from various academic domains. We encourage research that transcends traditional boundaries and explores the multifaceted dimensions of manuscripts.

2. Promoting Diversity: Our goal is to showcase the diversity of manuscript studies, encompassing linguistic evolution, cultural intersections, historical narratives, technological applications, and more. We welcome contributions that highlight the richness of global manuscript traditions.

3. Academic Rigor: We are dedicated to upholding the highest standards of academic integrity. The journal provides a rigorous peer-review process to ensure that published content meets the criteria of scholarly excellence and contributes meaningfully to the field.


1. Linguistic Diversity: Manuscripts are linguistic artifacts, and we invite studies that delve into the evolution, analysis, and significance of languages represented in historical texts.

2. Cultural Intersections: Manuscripts often serve as bridges between cultures. Our scope includes research on how manuscripts reflect, influence, and document cultural exchanges throughout history.

3. Historical Narratives: Manuscripts are historical artifacts that offer glimpses into the past. We encourage studies that unravel historical narratives, providing insights into the societies, events, and individuals of bygone eras.

4. Technological Applications: In the age of technology, manuscripts benefit from innovative preservation methods and digital applications. Our scope includes research on technological advancements in manuscript studies.

5. Global Manuscript Traditions: Manuscripts exist across various cultures and traditions. The journal welcomes contributions that explore and compare manuscript traditions globally, fostering a broader understanding of human heritage.

6. Interdisciplinary Research: Manuscript studies intersect with numerous disciplines. We aim to be a platform for interdisciplinary research, encouraging collaborations that push the boundaries of knowledge.

By embracing these aims and scope, the Journal of Manuscript Studies endeavors to be a leading voice in the exploration of manuscripts, providing a platform where diverse perspectives and disciplines converge. Join us in unraveling the mysteries and uncovering the treasures within the world of manuscripts.